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Take A Romantic Champagne Balloon
Flight For Two

Locations: Essex, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex (South East) Warwickshire (Midlands) Bath, Bristol, Somerset (South West), Monmouth (Wales)

Fly away on a champagne balloon flight just for the two of you!

Most hot air balloon flights are rather public affairs, but this one is reserved just for the two of you.

Enjoy the uninterrupted views and magical tranquillity of a Hot Air Balloon Flight For Two that is exclusive to you and your guest.

With the trained pilot ensuring that you safely make the most of your journey, you'll float through the sky and over the countryside below.

A magical experience that is simply perfect for that special occasion.

After ordering and having decided upon your preferred location, you will be able to register with your chosen balloon operator and advise them of your availability. The operator will then contact you when there is a promising weather forecast and a flight will be arranged for your preferred day.

Balloons are flown first thing in the morning and last thing in the day from March to October and occasionally throughout the day in winter. Flights last about an hour, but the whole experience lasts around three hours.

Maximum weight is 16 stone and minimum age is eight (children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

All balloon flights are civil aviation authority certified and regulated.

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Champagne Balloon Flight

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