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Circus Skills School

North London

Join A Circus For The Day!

Have you ever dreamed of being one of those daring young men on the flying trapeze who fly through the air with the greatest of ease? Well here's your chance without having to run away to join a circus!

The Circus Space in London is the only place in the UK where the general public can learn a range of exciting circus skills, including the flying trapeze, stilt-walking, tight-wire walking, human pyramids, juggling and acrobatic tumbling.

Both half day courses and full day courses are available, with the maximum number of participants set at 24, and you will learn a range of circus skills in a fun, supportive and carefully controlled environment.

On the full day course, you will arrive at the venue by 10.30am and an instructor will show you and your group how to warm up properly to avoid damaging any muscles.

Then it's over to the trapeze or perhaps the juggling balls or maybe the acrobatic mats for your first taster of the skills that every budding circus performer must perfect.

As you move between the activities in small groups, you will be working with circus professionals who will have you putting your new circus skills into practice in no time.

Lunch at The Juggler cafe is included and your day will end at 5.15pm.

The half day course features juggling, acrobatic balancing, tight-wire walking and the ultimate thrill of the flying trapeze during either a morning or afternoon session.

There is a minimum age limit of 14 and over 50s will need a doctor's certificate to participate. Otherwise, as long as you are reasonably fit with no medical conditions that would stop you taking part, you will have no end of fun while learning new skills.

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Circus Skills School

What you'll learn during a full day at at Circus School

Acrobatic Balancing
Participants work as a group to build human structures such as human pyramids. An age-old circus skill that is great fun to learn, highly interactive and always produces the most giggles from the day!

Acrobatic Tumbling
Learn basic acrobatic moves such as forward roles, cartwheels, handstands, and also do rebound moves off a trampette. A great energiser and introduction to one of the most dynamic performance skills.

You've seen it on the street being performed by most street entertainers - now have a go yourself! Within this session you will learn how to spin, throw and catch a diabolo as well as lots of other neat tricks. An easy skill to master that can be practised at home and brought out to impress friends and family.

Flying Trapeze
Need we say any more! The ultimate circus skill - Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Charlie Dimmock and Sarah Jessica-Parker are all past masters! Now is your chance to swing from the flying trapeze with the greatest of ease! A high adrenaline activity that will have you buzzing for weeks afterwards.

Have you ever tried and failed to juggle? All of our teachers at the Circus Space are world class performers and teachers. Our juggling teachers are no exception, they can juggle up to nine balls and are experts in teaching participants how to juggle in a very short period of time. To learn three-ball juggling takes practice, our teachers will give you all the necessary skills to master this skill and as most participants find you may even be able to master it within this session.

Stilt Walking
Surprisingly one of the easiest skills to learn! Learning to walk on stilts is potentially a dangerous activity to learn. However with our expert teachers advice and lessons on how to fall safely this soon becomes a very enjoyable and rewarding skill that will always get you noticed in a crowd!

Tight-Wire Walking
To walk the wire requires great balance, focus and concentration. One of the most challenging circus skills to master. Within this session you will be taught the techniques required to cross this thin wire. Can you make it all the way to the end? Is it as simple as going from A to B? Why not find out and sign up to this fantastic day of learning the greatest skills on Earth!

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