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Before You Die

Before You Die
Indoor Skydiving Experience

Milton Keynes, Manchester

Price £49

Indoor Skydiving for just £49!

An incredible price - and the must have gift for every adrenaline fan age five upwards!

Based at the multi-million pound Xscapes in Milton Keynes and now also in Manchester, Airkix offer the ORIGINAL and BEST indoor skydiving facilities in the UK.

The purpose-built air chamber houses an incredible fan that blasts air at speed of up to 170mph so that you soar like a bird as your friends watch through the perspex walls.

Expert instruction is on hand to assist you and you will be grinning from ear to ear throughout the session - and there is no going up in a plane to worry about!

Upon booking you will be issued with a report time. You will have a full briefing and will receive all of the necessary instruction.

You will learn and practice free fall and body-flying techniques. You will get kitted-out in flight suit, specialist headgear, goggles, earplugs, knee and elbow pads, before entering the tunnel with your instructor for two one-minute 'flights'.

The maximum weight for this experience is 18 stone. The minimum age is years - for under 18s a parent or guardian will be required to sign a waiver, which can be signed on the day or online in advance.

This experience is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has ever had a dislocated shoulder. Check with your doctor before participating if you have a history of neck, back, or heart problems. more details

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Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

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