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Bungee Jump

There are 9 different jump locations across the UK throughout the year.

Price £120

Have twice the fun with a bungee jump for two!

Get ready to take a leap of faith with the one you love with a bungee jump made for two!

"3-2-1 BUNGEE!"

These are the last words you will both hear before launching yourself from a 170 foot high platform and plummeting rapidly towards the ground with little more than an elastic band to save you!

That said, it is a strong elastic band because this is tandem bungee jumping. The opportunity for two people - friends, lovers, thrill seekers alike - to experience the thrill of a bungee jump together!

There are nine locations across the UK where you can do a tandem bungee jump. On arrival at your chosen venue you must complete a membership form for insurance purposes and then you'll be weighed to ensure the bungee jump is the correct length.

Then it's into the bungee cage to be hoisted up to the jump platform.

From up on high the only way is down and that means it's time to jump together. No chickening out. Just jump! Bungee!

On purchasing this experience you will be sent an open dated gift voucher for a tandem bungee jump. The voucher is valid for ten months so makes a perfect gift.

No under 14s unfortunately. And 14 and 15 year olds need a parent's or guardian's permission. Over 50's need a doctor's permission.

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Tandem Bungee Jump

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