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Tank Battle Paintballing

Leicestershire, East Midlands

Price £109

Extreme paintballing - with tanks!

Splatting your mates with paint is fun - hence the popularity of paintballing these days. But let's crank things up a little. Let's play paintball - in tanks!

That's right folks. Combine the action and adrenaline of paintballing with several tons of mechanised fighting machine and you have the ultimate combat experience!

On arrival you will meet the rest of your tank crew before being shown to your mighty APC. Then, an instructor will give you the opportunity to drive the tank, aim the cannon, load the breech and fire the air powered gun.

A three person crew drive, arm and fire the specially modified 432 APC at the opposing team who will have you in their sights too.
It's the ultimate tank battle war game for sure.

Once you are able to successfully operate the tank, the hatches are closed and you use your periscopes to guide yourself into battle against your opponents!

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Tank Battle Paintball Experience

What you'll be let loose in!

The 432 APC or Armoured Personel Carrier has been used by the British Army since the 1960s and is still in service today.

You'll be in charge of 15 tons of heavy metal as you do battle against rival tank crews in your specially modified for paintball vehicle.

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