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Tiff Needell
Driving Experience

Andover, Hampshire (South)

Price £125

Make skid marks with Tiff Needell!

Be the best parent ever and give your child the chance to drive a real Ferrari!

Have you ever watched Top Gear or 5th Gear and seen Tiff Needell performing seemingly impossible sideways slides in all manner of cars? If not, a quick search on youtube will soon show what Tiff is about.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the car with him as he throws a car around?

Well, wondeer no moe because Thruxton is pleased to offer our customers the chance to experience Tiff's legendary car control first hand from the passenger seat of a brand new BMW M3!

You'll enjoy three exhilarating laps with Tiff at the wheel as he talks you around Thruxton and squeezes every last horse power out of the new BMW M3 whilst pointing sideways at the same time!

To complete this unique experience you will be filmed from inside the car. A DVD including Tiff's commentary of your laps will be yours to take home and relive the excitement!

The new BMW M3 holds a V8 engine with 420bhp, all sent to the rear wheels making it the perfect machine for Tiff to demonstrate why he made it all the way to Formula 1 and the Le Mans 24 hours.

The BMW M3 feels like it was made to lap Thruxton's fast sweeping corners and with Tiff at the wheel your guaranteed to experience the cars full potential.

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Tiff Needell

Ferrari Car Driving Experience

Slide With Tiff Needell!

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