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About Before You Die
Life. Love. Passion.

Life is all about experiences and the Before You Die website was launched in December 2004 with three words in mind. Life. Love. Passion.

Life because it is the most precious gift of all and yet one that we all too often take for granted.

Love because to love and to be loved is one of life's true joys.

And passion because we are always at our happiest when doing things that fill our hearts with passion.

Before You Die brings together a world of unfortgettable experiences and once in a lifetime gifts that celebrate those three words.

And whether you're treating yourself or a friend or a loved one, we hope that you will find countless oppportunities to pursue your passions, celebrate your love for others, and live life to the max (because as the saying goes, life ain't no dress rehearsal).

Before You Die is an independently owned website. We work with a large number of companies, to bring you the best experiences from all over the world, but value our independence.

We always welcome feedback from people who visit our website, particularly if you have done something suggested by the website and want to tell us all about it. You can contact us via our contact form.

Thank you for using the Before You Die website.

Writers And Contributors Wanted!

Would you like to write for Before You Die?

We are always looking for writers, bloggers and contributors who can help us grow Before You Die into the number one resource for amazing things to fill each day with.

If you can write with passion and excitement we want to hear from you. More details coming soon.
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