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Flight Over London
Visiting London? Forget the crowds. See all the sites from a plane instead! more
Tiger Moth And Tank Day
A flying lesson in an open cockpit Tiger Moth bi-plane plus loads more in this military action day more
Tandem Sky Dive
How do you fancy jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet strapped to someone else?! more

"If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time."
Marcel Proust


Journey in a hot air balloon over Leeds Castle and the Kent countryside
Flying from the most beautiful castle in the world just after sunrise or as the sun is about to set, why not embark on an exhilarating yet tranquil journey over the Kent countryside and its towns and villages in a hot air balloon?
more about balloon flights from Leeds Castle

Wind Things To Do Before You Die

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Soar Like A Bird In The Skies!

Paraglide with a bird of prey as your guide in the Himalayas
Paragliding represents the purest form of flight known to man. And here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only fly like a bird in the skies over breathtaking Nepal with the awesome Himalayas as your backdrop, but to do so with a trained bird of prey as your guide.
more about paragliding in Nepal

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Learn To Fly
Flying Lessons
whether its a plane, a helicopter or a glider, we've got a flying lesson for you or a loved one!
Fly A Warbird Vintage Aeroplane
Vintage Aeroplane Flights
Become Biggles for the day as we take you up in vintage planes from WWI and WWII. Chocks away!

Become an astronaut for the day and journey into space!
Space. The final frontier. But maybe not for much longer if Richard Branson’s dream of affordable space tourism comes true. Because by the end of this decade, Virgin Galactic is planning to make it possible for almost anyone who can afford the fare to journey into space. more about space tourism here

Go sky diving!
Fancy throwing yourself out of a plane for the ultimate in adrenaline rushes? Well skydiving, the general term for sport parachuting, is what you are looking for. And for those who don't want to exit a plane while it's still in the air, there's indoor sky diving too!
more about skydiving

Give someone a flying lesson in a plane or a helicopter as a gift!

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